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Registration Fees*


General Information

  • Registration fees are in U.S. Dollars

  • All major credit cards are accepted (please see registration link for details)

  • All presenters must be registered to appear in the final program

  • You will be receiving a confirmation email upon completed registration; please keep a hardcopy of this confirmation email for your records; if you do not receive a confirmation email, please contact the Conference Team at

  • Please note: there is no one-day registration option

  • 50%-refund if registration is canceled by Nov. 25 in writing (to


  • *Registration fees (and sponsorships) will cover conference costs such as (1) virtual conference platform, (2) technical support; (3) translation services (Keynote Panels); (4) cultural events



Exhibitor Information

   The Registration Fee includes:

  • Virtual Exhibitor Booth: virtual booth with video conferencing allows to display company details, highlight video, share content, and virtually meet with interested conference attendees

  • Videos: available as part of the Virtual Exhibitor Booth (each 5 GB max)

  • Exhibitor Chat: conference attendees can use embedded chat within the exhibitor profile to chat directly with booth staff

  • Exhibitor Search: conference attendees can easily find vendors of interest by searching the exhibitor list either with text search or using exhibitor filters


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