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À Sombra Desta Mangueira: Vida e Obra de Paulo Freire

(Under the Shade of the Mango Tree: Life & Work of Paulo Freire)

Ana Maria Araújo Freire (Nita Freire)

Donaldo Macedo

Lisete Arelaro

Moderator: Ana Cruz

Pedagogy of Freedom - A Dialogue on Critical Pedagogy

Peter McLaren

Martha Montero-Sieburth

Peter Mayo

Moderator: Rebecca Rogers


Pedagogy of Possible Dreams: The Trajectory & Globality of Freire's Thoughts

Handel Kashope Wright

Marta Soler-Gallart

Heinz-Peter Gerhardt

Moderator: Lisa Martino-Taylor

Pedagogy of Indignation:  "The Others" in Glocal Geopolitics

Gustavo Fischman

Sandy Grande

Christopher Emdin

Gloria Ladson-Billings

Moderator: Ana Cruz


Fire in The Flame: A Poetry Reading

Hall is an ophthalmologist and graduate of Cornell and Harvard Universities. An award-winning internationally acclaimed poet, he has composed poetry and performed readings throughout the U.S. and internationally. Hailed “as the Malcolm X of International Poetry, Hall is a poet of intellectual passion and artistic significance whose poetry consistently champions socio-economic and political issues.” Cornel West described Hall as “a warrior of the spirit, a warrior of the mind, an activist, a poet. I sense Dr. Hall’s hypersensitivity to suffering. Martin, Malcolm and Jesus all had this hypersensitivity. Both sides of his soul have prophetic leanings. His poetry has the capacity to change ordinary people’s philosophy on social and racial issues.”

Neal Hall, M.D., Poet

NealHall 3.jpg

Digital Indigenous Storytelling Project: Traditional and Contemporary Aspects of Indigenous People from Missouri

thumbnail_Buder Center Logo.png

Eric Pinto, MSW

(Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians, Zuni)

Eric is a 2020 Buder Scholar alumnus from the Brown School at Washington University with a concentration in American Indian/Alaskan Native. During his time at the Brown School, he supported the St. Louis Zoo in developing and sustaining long-term relationships with tribal communities. After graduating, Eric began working for the Buder Center as Project Coordinator where he oversaw the development and production of the Digital Indigenous Storytelling Project. Currently, Eric is the Coordinator of Community Projects where he provides knowledge, opportunities, connection, and support to the local Indigenous community, the larger St. Louis community, and the Buder Scholars.

The Bankrupt: The Banking Concept, Students Today and in the Future

Pamela Garvey, M.A., M.F.A.

A collaborative video project, led by Prof. Pamela Garvey, provided students in her College Composition I class with the opportunity to create statements voicing their educational experiences, frustrations, and ideals of themselves as individuals and as part of a generation that wants to be heard by leaders in educational theory and practice. The students' statements are framed by Paulo Freire's ideas and other educational theories.


Project Director: Pamela Garvey has taught English at St. Louis Community College-Meramec since 2001. Her poetry, prose, and book reviews have been widely published. Her most recent collection, Seven Miles Deep (poems) was published in 2017.

Pam's Photo_edited.jpg

Art of the Assessment,

Horton + Freire: learning in love

Je Nae.jpg

Je Naé Taylor, Cultural Organizer

"Art of the Assessment, Horton + Freire: learning in love", a participatory workshop for cultural workers to examine and interrogate the value of assessing, the art of learning, and the movement of love.


Workshop Facilitator: Je Naé Taylor, is a Black dyke with a Black dog living in the South, a native of Washington, D.C., and a daughter of firefighters. She loves playing ‘Hood Scrabble, devising theatre, and holding hands with her girlfriend in public as often as she can. Currently, she works as the Cultural Organizer for Highlander Research and Education Center on the baddest popular education team this side of the equator.

A Taste of Honey / The Workers' Opera

Bread and Roses Missouri is a St. Louis non-profit that uses an arts lens to examine social and economic justice issues. Bread & Roses Missouri has a tradition of workers' theater including The Workers’ Opera and Mrs. Palmer’s Honey. The Workers’ Opera is an annual play written with workers in sanitation, communication, and food services. These workers-turned-actors collaborate and train for months each year to create a series of sketches that connect stories of struggle, past and present. Mrs. Palmer’s Honey is an eight part audio play based on the 1946 novel by St. Louisan Fannie Cook. The story depicts how race, class, and workers’ rights intersected during World War II in the historic Saint Louis Ville Neighborhood. It is a radio drama of hope, empowerment, and solidarity. In this cultural event, Kelsey Robinson and Colin McLaughlin will share the stories and methodology of these two plays of The Workers' Theater Project.

Project Directors: Kelsey Robinson is a Brooklyn-born theater artist, vocalist, musician, and multi/media artist (Talking with Ghosts About Freedom). She has worked with Bread & Roses Missouri as the featured vocalist on July Night from Closer Still: The Music of Mrs. Palmer's Honey, the Soundscape Designer for the Mrs. Palmer’s Honey audio play, and a guest director with The Workers Opera.  Colin McLaughlin is a St. Louis based playwright, musician, actor, and social worker. He served as Music Director for the Mrs. Palmer’s Honey audio play. The original score was released by Bread & Roses as a jazz and blues album, Closer Still: The Music of Mrs. Palmer's Honey. McLaughlin has also served as an actor, musician, and collective writing facilitator for The Workers Opera.

Kelsey Robinson, Artist

    Colin McLaughlin. Artist

kelsey robinson headshot1.jpg
cmclaughlin headshot1.jpg

Guided Mindfulness and Yoga Practice followed by Discussion:

Pedagogy of Regenerative Glocal Citizenship, Democracy, and Justice

Vernita Pearl Fort,

Ecologist, Economist, Research Scholar

Vernita FORT bkj black TN square.jpg

Come as you are and in comfortable clothing with a towel, a mat, or a chair as you like, for 30 minutes of guided meditation and gentle yoga movement, and for 15 minutes of shared discussion. We will explore ways to respond to today's unprecedented global and local (glocal) crises and opportunities, and the anxiousness, joy, grief, anticipation, fear, and sense of possibility they evoke. This critical juncture invites humanity to transform our 'yoked' systems of cultural political economy and our systems of embodied consciousness, into ones that could deliver healing, citizen thriving within planetary limits, participatory democracy, and justice (economic, political, social, racial, gendered, ecological, climate) for all ... potentially supportive of humanity's next evolutionary leap.

Vernita Pearl Fort is an evolutionary systems ecologist, political economist, and Research Scholar at the University of Illinois Global Institute, Urbana-Champaign. She also serves as a Board Director with the Center for United Nations Constitutional Research headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. For 25 years she served as a U.S. career diplomat, working in 40 countries across five continents. She is the Founding Director of the Music and Human Rights Project and is a licensed yoga teacher. More

Freirean Dialogue Across Borders Through Motion Design 

Timothy J. Linder, Ph.D.

   Graziela Frainer Knoll, Ph.D.

Paulo Freire's philosophy of a liberating education emphasizes dialogue and the enhancement of student autonomy. Thinking of establishing a dialogue between countries in education and creativity, we carried out a collaborative activity between a Brazilian group of students of Publicity and Advertising at the Universidade Franciscana (Santa Maria, RS, Brazil) and an U.S. American group of motion media design students at St. Louis Community College (St. Louis, Missouri, USA). The creations were designed and animated in cooperation between these students from both countries. Thus, we emphasize the formative dimension involved whenever there is dialogue, collaboration, and social interaction between students.

Project Directors: Dr. Timothy Linder is Professor and Department Chair of the Design, Visual and Performing Art Department at St. Louis Community College. He teaches game design, digital media production, interface design, 3D animation, and web design. Dr. Linder's research interests include advanced visualization in virtual reality.

Dr. Graziela Fraine Knoll is a professor of Publicity and Advertising at the Universidade Franciscana (Santa Maria, RS, Brazil).


Motion Drawing by Samantha Mills

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