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Call For Submissions

  • Deadline for submitting abstracts for presentation at the conference: Extended to November 17, 2021 (11:59 p.m. U.S. Central Standard Time - CST)

  • Notification on abstract acceptance by November 21, 2021

  • The official conference language is English; however, we will accept abstracts in Portuguese and Spanish.  We invite translanguaging in all sessions

  • Presenters must be registered for the conference

  • Abstracts, author(s), and affiliation information will be published in the online-Conference Program

  • A selection of papers from the conference will be published either in an edited book or in a journal special issue





The length of the abstract text may not exceed 300 words.  Please do not include footnotes or bibliography/reference list as part of your abstract; Layout: Arial font, font size 12, font style Regular, single-spaced


The abstract should include:

  • summary of the research/work you are presenting on

  • the connection to Paulo Freire’s thought & work

  • the significance of the work to be presented



In addition to the abstract text, the following is required:

1) Abstract Title

  • Layout: Arial font, font size 12, font style Bold, single-spaced

  • Specifics:

    • capitalize the first, last, and all major words in between (e.g., nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, and some conjunctions)

    • lowercase prepositions, regardless of length (e.g., in, over, between, on, above, through)

    • lowercase the definite and indefinite articles (a, an, the)

    • lowercase conjunctions (e.g., and, or, but, for, nor)

    • hyphenated words always capitalize the first and second word (e.g., Part-Time)

2) Authors

  • with last name, first name, and affiliation (including city and country)

  • Layout: Arial font, font size 12, font style Regular, single-spaced


3) Presenter

  • indicate who will be presenting author (for co-/multi-authored abstracts)


4) Presentation Type

  • when submitting your abstract indicate preference for (A) individual paper; (B) part of a pre-planned panel session/roundtable session; or (C) workshop


Abstracts submitted as Individual Papers (not associated with a pre-planned Panel Session / Roundtable Session) will be grouped into Panel Sessions or Roundtable Sessions based on what is addressed in the submitted abstracts (please see some suggested Theme Strands below).  Please note: the program organizers will do their best to fit you into your preferred session type (Panel Session or Roundtable Session); however, your original session type selection might be changed if necessary to conform to program demands.


Pre-planned Panel Sessions/ Roundtable Sessions consists of a group of authors who propose a topic for a Panel Session / Roundtable Session and their abstracts are submitted specifically to this pre-planned Panel Session / Roundtable Session.  Each presenter in a pre-planned Panel Session / Roundtable Session will submit an abstract of their presentation and identify the corresponding Panel Session / Roundtable Session during the abstract submission process.  In addition, each presenter should identify the other presenters of the pre-planned session to ensure that they are grouped into the 'correct' pre-planned session.


Each session will consist of 4 to 5 individual presentations and are planned for one hour.  The difference between a Panel Session and Roundtable Session is that in a Roundtable Session the presenters are allotted more time for interaction among presenters and with the audience.  The exact amount of time for presentations in a session will be determined in cooperation with session Chairs.


A Workshop consists of interactive experience between presenter(s) and attendees.  The length of a workshop will be either one hour or two hours.  The structure of a workshop will be determined by the workshop Chair.

A special notice to Pre-planned Session (Panel; Roundtable) organizers/chairs: please note that all presenters in your session must have their own abstract with title submitted (in order to appear in the conference book of abstracts); there is no need for an additional Pre-planned Session description (only the presenters' abstracts).  All individual abstracts are then linked by the session title.  Please make sure that all your presenters have the session title when they are submitting their own abstracts or, if you prefer to enter the abstracts for your session presenters, please create an account for each presenter and make sure you have their personal information (i.e., email, mobile phone, affiliation, city and country of residence) at the time of submission.



Suggested Theme Strands (to be considered, but not limited to)


  • Ecopedagogy

  • Urban Education -- Pedagogy in the City

  • Critical Pedagogy & (Dis)Ability Studies

  • Liberation Theology

  • Revolutionary Critical Pedagogy

  • Adult Education

  • Family Literacy and Community Literacies

  • Critical Pedagogy in the Anthropocene

  • Critical Pedagogy & Social Movements

  • Visual Arts & Paulo Freire

  • Performing Arts & Paulo Freire

  • Art Education & Paulo Freire

  • Paulo Freire's Influence in the Natural Sciences

  • Paulo Freire's Influence in the Social Sciences

  • Critical/Liberation Psychology

  • Critical Literacy

  • Paulo Freire's Influence in the Humanities

  • Critical Pedagogy and Teacher Education

  • Paulo Freire in the Classroom

  • Social Work & Paulo Freire

  • Environmental Crisis and Public Health

  • Manifestation of Paulo Freire's Legacy through Film and the Arts


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